Another activity that continues to attract more fans and tourists on Lake Como area is certainty the golf. Lake Como area offers 7 golf courses located near the hotel:

  • Golf Club Villa d’Este – founded in 1926, the golf club is located in Montorfano. The beautiful golf court recalls lot of enthusiastic players from all over the world
  • Lanzo Golf Club – This club was founded in 1962 and it is located 1000 meters above the sea level and it surrounded by a beautiful mountain view. The course is composed by 18 holes.
  • Golf Club Menaggio and Cadenabbia – One of the oldest clubs in Europe, in 2007 it celebrated 100 years of life. It is known as “Old England corner” on Lake Como coasts. With its 18 holes, this golf is George Clooney favorite golf court
  • Monticello Golf Club: The unique golf club composed by 2 entire 18 holes courts within the same property. The club was founded in 1974 in an immense area of 140 hectares.
  • Carimate Golf Club: This 18 holes golf club is situated in Carimate within a beautiful park. The court has very interesting characteristics and it is really appreciate by golf experts.
  • Golf club la Pinetina: 18 holes court golf club with an undulating soil and interesting game situations. At certain points of the golf it is possible to admire interesting sights such as the Monte Rosa and the Pre Alps of Lombardia.
  • Golf Club Lecco: 18 holes golf club situated at the foot of Pre Alps of Lombardia between two small towns called Pusiano and Annone.